Testing & Software Quality Assurance

  • CrowdAr helps software teams to improve their quality by proving
    Testing, Test Automation, Performance & Security Testing with their own network of qualified professionals, applying agile methods and DevOps practices.

Testing Services

Our aim is to be a leading End-To-End Testing Service provider

Test Automation

  • We provide Test Automation services, from solution ideation to deployment. To accomplish that we've developed Lippia® Test Automation, a framework that combines the most popular Open Source tools and target multi-platforms apps. Lets you to automate tests in Web, Mobile, Desktop and APIs.
    Containerized and cloud ready, it saves up to 6 months of work compared to build your own framework. lippia.io

Professional Testing

  • Our team of Professional testers managed with agile methods can set-up and execute any type of test including exploratory, agile or acceptance testing.
    We can set-up a team in 1 week.


  • Security is a concern of more and more businesses nowadays. We cover everything from Web to Mobile by our expert partners’ solutions.

  • Web Security
    Automated Penetration Test - Infrastructure Check - OWASP Top 10 - PCI App Security - HIPAA App Security - CVSS App Security - Automated script
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    Mobile Security
    Android & iOS vulnerabilities - OWASP Mobile Top 10 - PCI App Security - HIPAA App Security - GDPR App Security - Static & Dynamic Scan - DevOps integration API/CLI
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Load, Stress
& Performance

  • Test the limits of your app to reassure that can support the volume of users and transactions you expect before go live. Lippia Performance combines JMeter + Prometheus + Grafana to monitor not just the performance of your app but also the infrastructure.


  • Agile Coach (Scrum, Kanban)
    Gestión de Calidad de Software
    Mejora de Procesos de Desarrollo


Quality Assurance

We are all about high quality. The experienced IT and management team guarantees excellent results of the crowdsourced job


Being a crowdsourced business, we can expand the resources in no time. Setting a new testing cell would take us from 1 to 3 daysNuestro modelo crowdsourced nos permite escalar rápidamente la cantidad de recursos asignados sin afectar los resultados.

Human approach

You are never left in the dark. We truly connect with our clients and get exceptional feedback on our customer support.
We also work with the local communities in Manchester and Buenos Aires.

Great price

Our flat structure makes prices very affordable compared to traditional outsourcing companies


We have 100% success factor in our projects.
We don’t experience high staff turnover as we don’t compete with full-time employers.
This allows for a highly reliable workforce.

Verified excellence

We were listed by Gartner as a leading crowdsourced testing business in Latin America (2015, 2016)
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